In 2019-2020 we animated the annual design workshops for 8 to 16 years old kids at Villa Noailles.

With the younger ones (8 to 12 years old), we built over the year a shared space at their scale. They created a whole room where their personal creations met and gathered into a common and modular place. Stools could be grouped as a bench, lamps where hang together to become string lights, tables brought together turned into a landscape of shapes at different height….

With teenagers (12 to 16 years), we created series of daily-use objets following a specific approach: we diverted existing pieces and semi-finished products to design new objets and functions. Through composition, assembly, construction and deconstruction, and always at scale 1, we encouraged the teenagers to explore simple objects as seats, lights and vases with spontaneity and instinct. 

With schoolchildren who stay at Pomponiana Hospital (at Hyères) for long reeducation periods, we draw and built furniture for an outdoor space they use for breaks. They asked to work on this place because it was dull and empty. After exchanging ideas with paper models and drawings, we set this space up with a bench, some plants, and colors.