The Gardener’s Chair

This chair is a project made for Slanted/enchanted, an exhibition that celebrates handmade experimentation and improvised production methods. An exhibition curated by Jamie Wolfond and talking place at Erin Stump Project Gallery.  «The Gardener had a broken chair. He fixed it with an old garden hose.» Behind this story, this project is about how we […]


Produced by Cinna, Tondo is a wall mirror whose design has been driven by CNC wire bending machine process.These machines (which allows very quick pieces making) induced a single continuous line drawing. We draw it as a loop in which the mirror is then simply slid and maintained without requiring fixation. 

Chaise 13

Chaise 13 is an anodized aluminium chair suitable for indoor and outdoor. The screwed construction of the chair celebrate the fastener components as an esthetical bias. Like so many points punctuating the surfaces, the thirteen Allen screws needed to assembly the chair are fully part of its drawing.  Chaise 13 has been designed thinking of […]


Quincaillerie is an unlimited self-produced series of coat hooks. The production follows a method which starts with the extrusion of clay logs, as an initial basic profile open to formal variations. Logs are then cut to the desired length, spontaneously deformed without prior drawing, and finally pressed at the screws locations. Each piece is unique […]


Exhibition design, in collaboration with Agathe Pollet and Sylvain Debelfort.The publishing house First Laid invited us to design the space for « Reception », which was both an exhibition and the launch of their new publication about new works by Brieuc


Originally, the exedra is a half circular monumental stone bench located in public gardens during ancient Greece and Rome. We wanted to re-design this antique piece in our own way, keeping the symbolic shape but depriving the spectacular and massive dimension. The circular typology is an opposition to the predominance of flux science in our […]

La Cité

Researches, 1:10 models and drawings (50 x 65 cm)La Cité is an open question about our public spaces. We explored an image of a city where the designer could draw streetscape furniture as freely as he is when he draw private furniture. Without defining a specific context, we began this reflexion by considering public space […]


Inselberg is a bleacher for interior collective spaces (such as public library, hall station, universities, museum halls…). The construction is based on the repetition of a bent laminated poplar piece. This 25cm wide layer can be repeated over and over along a trestle like feet. The object length can thus be defined according to the […]

Plimpton 322

Hybrid of a wall lamp, a floor lamp and a pendant, Plimpton 322 is a light source that can be used in different ways. The lamp shape create a special relationship with the space because of its need to find a bearing point or a suspension element. This lamp asks for some practice, discovery and […]

Des Vases

Des Vases/This project is a collection where each vase is composed of several independent pieces which can be put together. As an assembly game, this repertoire of shapes, materials and colors let the constructions and deconstructions open to different compositions. Drawings was the central medium and essential tool to reach this vase idea which take a […]


Tombolo is a public bench that plays with the domestic typology of daybeds with bolster pillows. As armrests, headrests or just as partitions, the wood cylinders are movable along the bench. Everyone is free to play with it as desired and needed. The bench is built with wood profiles. They are cut at the good […]


R5U25 is a system. From a casted aluminium feet, two pieces of perforated sheet and several dimensions of HPL planks, this project allows the construction of various storage furniture models. This project finds it’s origins in three neighboring factories in French Ardennes. Located a few kilometers from each others, the casting company Fonderie Rocroyenne produce […]


In 2019-2020 we animated the annual design workshops for 8 to 16 years old kids at Villa Noailles. With the younger ones (8 to 12 years old), we built over the year a shared space at their scale. They created a whole room where their personal creations met and gathered into a common and modular […]