Researches, 1:10 models and drawings (50 x 65 cm)
La Cité is an open question about our public spaces. We explored an image of a city where the designer could draw streetscape furniture as freely as he is when he draw private furniture. Without defining a specific context, we began this reflexion by considering public space as a large laboratory of shapes and colors. 

And our attachment point is the bench. This object which is never possessed but belongs to me as well as everyone. To sit together on a bench is to make a simultaneous experience of a drawing. It is to share the same material support. By exploring a particular idea of benches with models and drawings first, we thought about bodies and eyes : guide them to each other, or isolate them to better gather them together. By taking a distance with usual public bench typology, we considered these objects as territories, as spaces into spaces which would ask users to make choices. Our material expenses and shapes compositions were always accompagned by the exquisite prospect of users free appropriation. 

Every of our proposal is thought to exist independently to each other, as so many exclamation marks in streetscape. For all that, every of it fed each other and we definitely worked all the propositions as a single project.