Originally, the exedra is a half circular monumental stone bench located in public gardens during ancient Greece and Rome. We wanted to re-design this antique piece in our own way, keeping the symbolic shape but depriving the spectacular and massive dimension. The circular typology is an opposition to the predominance of flux science in our […]


Inselberg is a bleacher for interior collective spaces (such as public library, hall station, universities, museum halls…). The construction is based on the repetition of a bent laminated poplar piece. This 25cm wide layer can be repeated over and over along a trestle like feet. The object length can thus be defined according to the […]


Tombolo is a public bench that plays with the domestic typology of daybeds with bolster pillows. As armrests, headrests or just as partitions, the wood cylinders are movable along the bench. Everyone is free to play with it as desired and needed. The bench is built with wood profiles. They are cut at the good […]