R5U25 is a system. From a casted aluminium feet, two pieces of perforated sheet and several dimensions of HPL planks, this project allows the construction of various storage furniture models.

This project finds it’s origins in three neighboring factories in French Ardennes. Located a few kilometers from each others, the casting company Fonderie Rocroyenne produce the feet, the metalworking company Aldem shapes the perforated steel pieces, and the company Fabrimeuble produce the HPL planks and finally assemble the furniture. 

These three materials meet in a composition of lines, surfaces and perforations, as so many light catching elements. Beside it’s natural beauty, the perforated steel is used here to optimise the mounting of the storages. The R5 holes predispose the assembly: screws are passing through it and come into threaded inserts in the HPL planks. This system also allows disassembly and reassembly without loosing quality, as well as pieces replacement.

Doors are sliding along a unique rail, and intentionally don’t overlap. It is up to the user to choose their positions, and thus to play with what is shown and what is hidden.